Francesco Rosso (b.1987)
Painter, film-maker and traveler living among Finno-Ugric peoples. With his work he examines the spiritual and physical aspects of daily life through the act of transformation into visual matter. Rosso spends long periods of time working with hand made animation, and merges the animated material with video and film photography gathered from urban and nature exploration. During the last decade Rosso has been working with a multitude of different media - illustration, film and digital photography, painting, printmaking, poetry, video art and several animation techniques. Year by year his work is enriched by gathered experience and the desire to create a personal language. His animated short films have been shown internationally; since 2014 he has mostly worked for Eesti Joonisfilm Studio in Tallinn-Estonia as artist, background artist, animator, and short-film director. He also enjoys helping his brother in a little biological farm, apart from cycling and forest hiking. 

Photo by Alena Zaparozhats - 2019
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